Chauvet Core 3X3 LED Wash

Product Code: CORE3X3

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Chauvet Core 3X3 LED Wash Description:

Core?äó 3x3 combines a pixel-mapping effect and a powerful LED wash. Powered by nine RGB LEDs with chip-on-board (COB) technology, it utilizes a unique reflector cup to produce large pixels of light and create intriguing sweeping and chasing effects. You can easily combine multiple units using built-in coffin locks to construct an impressive array capable of large scale animations and chases.

Three Chauvet CORE3X3's in background.

Compact, LED panel designed for use as a pixel mapping effect, blinder or wash light
?Çó Easily trigger built-in automatic and sound activated programs for a stunning show in seconds
?Çó Produce a full spectrum of light with excellent color mixing using COB technology 
?Çó Quickly and securely connect multiple fixtures together with built-in coffin locks
?Çó Create animations and video effects with individual LED control 
?Çó Withstand the harshness of traveling from gig to gig with a robust housing 
?Çó Generate complex looks with ease using ShowXpress?äó Pixels 
?Çó Achieve flicker-free video operation with high-frequency LED dimming 
?Çó Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units
?Çó Silent operation due to built-in fan control 
?Çó Sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music
?Çó Generate a synchronized show in master/slave mode with easy access to built-in automated programs

?Çó DMX Channels: 3, 5, 9, 27, or 31
?Çó DMX Connectors: 3-pin
?Çó Light Source: 9 (tri-color) 9W (500mA x 3) LEDs 50,000hrs
?Çó Strobe Rate: 0 - 20Hz
?Çó Beam Angle: 47??
?Çó Field Angle: 73??
?Çó Illuminance: 1,025 lux @ 2m
?Çó Power Linking: 3 units @ 120V; 7 units @ 230V
?Çó Input Voltage: Auto-ranging 100 - 240VAC 50/60Hz
?Çó Power and Current: 226W, 1.9A @ 120V 60Hz  
?Çó Power and Current: 226W, 0.9A @ 230V 50Hz 
?Çó Size: 6.2 x 13.6 x 13.6in (156 x 344 x 344mm)
?Çó Approvals: CE

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