American DJ Pinspot LED II

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American DJ Pinspot LED II Description:

Amazing 3 Watt LED technology with a 12 degree beam angle. This light is perfect for any size mirror ball in any venue. It is super bright and far superior compared to a standard pin spot. With LED technology and a 1 pound weight, you can mount this light virtually anywhere since it does not produce any heat.
American DJ has taken a DJ/club/display lighting standard - the white pinspot - and propelled it into the 21st century with LED lighting technology. The company's new, compact Pinspot LED is powered by a bright, clear 3W LED that has the brightness and output of a 30W halogen bulb, but uses considerably less energy and generates virtually no heat. Plus, the Pinspot LED's 50,000-hour lamp nearly eliminates the need for replacement bulbs. Our customers requests for a simple white pinspot with cutting-edge LED technology prompted us to create the Pinspot LED, said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. Using LED technology instead of a standard halogen lamp makes the Pinspot LED virtually maintenance-free and very energy efficient, significantly lowering operating costs, and also allows it to run at a considerably cooler temperature. This amazing little unit definitely takes the classic white pinspot into the next generation.
With its powerful, bright, focused beam, the Pinspot LED is great for a variety of lighting applications, from highlighting objects and framing displays, to creating club lighting effects. It can be shined on a wedding cake or projected onto a mirrorball at a dance club for eye-popping effects. It can also be used to create dramatic mood lighting on a restaurant table, or to spotlight displays at a retail store. Its small size also makes it great for use in multiples. Wow! If I throw two of these from different directions on a wedding cake, make a great impression, said one veteran DJ, when he first saw the Pinspot LED at a trade show.
Featuring an installed 12 degree beam angle, the Pinspot LED is easy to aim at objects you want to highlight. For added versatility and value, a 6 degree beam angle is also included in the box. The Pinspot LED's versatility, along with its compact size, makes it a must-have in the lighting arsenals of DJs, clubs, restaurants, special events planners and retail display designers.
Weighing just 1 pound and measuring a compact 5.75"L x 3"W x 2"H, the Pinspot LED is extremely easy to transport - anywhere a spot of light is needed. This pint-sized powerhouse can be used in the smallest of locations, and is sure to become a staple in any mobile DJ's arsenal, said Davies.
But the Pinspot LED doesn't just make things look good, it's an attractive little unit itself. Its sleek, high-tech plastic case design seamlessly blends with stage sets and displays, and can actually enhance their appearance. A hanging bracket included with the unit makes installation a snap.

Bright 3W white LED Pinspot with 12-degree beam angle
Compact high-tech plastic case design
Long-life LED: 50,000 hour lamp life
Very low heat output and power consumption
Includes hanging bracket
6-degree beam angle lens also included
Switchable power supply: 90 - 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.75" x 3" x 2" / 145 x 75 x 50mm
Weight: 1 pound / .5 kgs.

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